Teddiursa 2

Mikazuki as seen on her application

Name: Mikazuki (no last name, her parents are poor farmers with no right to a last name)

Age: 20

Pokemon: Teddiursa

Age: 20

Village: Fire Field

Job: Worker (she runs a bakery)

Height: 5'0"

Ability: Quick Feet

Attacks: Facade, Headbutt, Shadow Claw

Likes: Honey and other sweets, performing arts, being nosy, making new friends, parties, festivals, and the smell of warm bread.

Dislikes: Bitter and sour food, being lectured, cleaning.

Personality: She's a confident character (but not cocky). She'll walk right up to people, she tends to be very blunt. She's generally a sunny character but she can be loud. If she's annoyed she'll bop you on the head and yell a bit.

The first impulse Mika has when she sees others is to offer them food, because food makes people relax and puts them in a good mood (in her mind). Though she can be nice and timid in some instances, if she feels that she needs to she'll try to fight them (she learned quickly that fighting is a common thing). Because of her four older brothers she tends to recognize when somebody is in a bit of a rage (though full-on range is something she has yet to fully grasp in her mind...despite the fact she's seen it on more than one occasion). Try being the key word. She also doesn't take kindly to blunt insults, especially about her baking or her shopkeeping skills. In most cases she doesn't notice them. Overall she tries her best to accept everybody for the good that she sees in them, despite all the bad things everybody seems to say about themselves.

She's a bit bubbly and accepting for the most part but she's also stubborn. Since Miro was born she's learned when to be softer and when somebody needs a slap in the face to be woken up from a funk. BUT MOSTLY OVERALL she's just dense. She cares a lot about all of her friends as well.

Mika despises herself in many ways, but mostly in that she lets her brothers push her around so much ((some people have seen how out of hand it can get, but it can get worse)). However she doesn't do anything about it because when it happens she usually agrees with them. Her parents were the same way, and it was part of the reason she left for FireField. Even though she's happy to return to the farm to see Miro, she sort of wishes she could take him out of that environment.

History: She is the only daughter of her family, but she has 4 older brothers who tend to be protective of her, and one younger brother. The four older brothers are Ursaring while the youngest is also a teddiursa. She has recently moved away from her house to run her own bakery in the main village area. Her parents were farmers and were a bit displeased that she chose not to follow up with their work on the farm.

Although she was raised on a farm, she got into baking when her youngest brother, Miro was born. This was mostly because her parents are older and she wanted Miro to have a normal life as a child. However at twenty she realized that she really loved baking, and she hated being on the farm since her oldest brothers were a bit rougher, and she wanted to know what else was out in the world. So she went to FireField and opened up her own bakery! She also loves to feed people.

She gets sad when somebody mentions her youngest brother. She loves him to pieces but she also knew her brothers would take care of him. He is constantly sick and Mika is always sending home souvenirs from town, home cook meals, letters, and medicine. If anybody forces Mika to take money she uses it for him.

When she was younger her parents gave her special treatment as she was the only "daughter" that the parents had. This caused resentment in her brothers and they would constantly bully her, or pull pranks on her. Many of them nearly resulting in her being trapped or stranded, and a couple of them nearly killing her. When she was old enough to try to start fighting back she did her best but for the most part they got the better of her and she had no way to really improve. Now that they're older they do less attempts at getting her injured and just push her around as much as they can, especially the eldest brother Hanii. The other three mellowed out for the most part but there are still huge rifts between her and her brothers. When her brother was born Mika was determined to have Miro be a gentler person, and to take care of her parents who were both reaching their older stages in life. The three younger brothers out of the four helped her in this, and they all genuinely love Miro. Hanii uses Miro against Mika at every possible instant he can.

Mika's Mother is an Ursaring with the bad temper that Ursaring are famous for, and her father is a Tsunbear with a distaste for the fact that the farm is located in fire field And he loves coca cola!. He's also rather tough on ALL of the children, except for Miro, the youngest. Mika has four older brothers, the oldest (Hanii, 39) is an ursaring and a womanizer (but not an effective one), then next is a Tsunbear (35), then another ursaring (30), then a Tsunbear (25), then her youngest brother Miro, who is five, is a Kumasyun.

Mikazuki's feet are actually pretty scarred on the bottom. Her brothers put broken glass next to her bed while she was asleep and she didn't notice until the damage was already done.

RECENTLY Mikazuki's youngest brother Miro has died of an illness, and her oldest brother Hanii tried to kill her. After hanii was thrown in Jail Mikazuki attended the funeral and afterwards was informed by both her parents and her other three parents that she was disowned, and wouldn't ever see the farm or them again unless they came to her, which was unlikely, unless Hanii wants to try to kill her again.

Additional info: She will act tough but mostly she's a big scaredy-cat, and she's easily startled. She wants to someday be known all over Pokimono for her baking, and to someday settle down and have children. Someday.

Mika's love interest is Sohka the Dragonite. Although he has a gruff (and slightly psychotic) nature she truly believes that he is a good person as he is always gentle with her and those he cares about. gentle as Sohka can be anyway. The reasons she loves him are many, some being that she loves him for the fact that he treats her sister like gold and she wishes her own brothers did the same, and she only sees the kind side of him most days.

Though right now they are apart she keeps him close to her heart at all times.

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