Basic InformationEdit

Name: Kiri Shirasano [しらさの - きり]

Pokemon: Froslass

Ability: Snow Cloak

Age: 19

Birth Date: December 24th

Height: 5'5"

Job: Healer

Love Interest: Crash the Duskull

Attacks: Icy Wind - Ice Beam - Shadow ball - Destiny Bond

[Attacks that are Italized and Striked are future moves that are not aqquired yet.]



Shirasano FamilyEdit

The Shirasano family is a middle classed family, where for generations, men taken the role of samurai as part of a family tradition. The family itself is very strict and prideful, in which a set of family rules are expected, mainly from the children.

Family Tattoo: The tattoo is often given to the first female child at a very young age. As implied, this tattoo carries a huge burden and expectations from the family. It is known that Kiri has this tattoo marked on the left side of her neck, much to her disliking.

Hazuki Shirasano: The current head of the household and Kiri's father. He is a man with a lot of pride and expects the most of his children. Though he is strict and often cold, he secretly cares about his family and wants the best for his children. He is greatly bothered by Kiri's improper actions as a girl and highly disapproves of her liking toward Crash.

Ayase Shirasano: Hazuki's wife and Kiri's mother. She is a kind and selfless person, who, unlike her husband does not worry about her children as much, knowing that they're old enough to take care of themselves. Ayase is in fact, one of Sky Village's many priestess', but is rarely seen at work due to her weak and sickly state, which often leaves her bed ridden. It also seems that she is the only one out of the family to closely understand Kiri's feelings.

Arashi Shirasano:

Haku Shirasano:

Background with ShinEdit

Her Job as a HealerEdit

Additional InfoEdit

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