Name: Kaori Masachika

'A'ge: 17

Height: 5ft

Pokemon: Vulpix

Job: Samurai

Attacks: Dig, Fire Blast, Energy Ball

Ability: Flash Fire

Likes: being useful, spicy food, helping people, children (in a maternal way), Firefield village, learning new things, spending time with friends, exploring, fireworks

Dislikes: being the centre of attention, causing trouble (except for enemies), imposing on people, laziness, injustice, rain, rudeness, bitter food


The diligent, hard-working, dedicated samurai of Firefield; Kaori ensures that she does her best to protect and aid any and all of those who live in Firefield or who are visiting the village and do not mean harm. She is incredibly naive in the sense that she has very little understanding of the ways of the world and although she is not really an incredibly trusting person, she is quick to make links with people she meets and thus holds a certain amount of respect for almost all of the people she comes into contact with. She is a compassionate person and quite literally lives to try to help others.

Whilst Kaori isn't exactly shy in the normal sense, she generally has a very difficult time when interacting with people whom she is unfamiliar with and will speak with a stutter unless she is angry or feels at total ease with whoever she is speaking with. She holds manners and respect highly and has a slight paranoia of causing offence or disrespect to people which results in her often clumsy, panicked, nervous and introverted behaviour when meeting new people without any support from others she is familiar and comfortable with.

Kaori always looks for the good in people and often sees good in everybody since she takes occurences at face value and interprets the smallest of things to show good in people. However, she is incredibly self-analytical and has almost no sense of self worth whatsoever. She's so accustomed to this that she doesn't really pity herself or particularly display this characteristic to others as she views it as a day to day fact and thus always acts with this in mind. She is perfectly content in accepting the fact that she has no feelings of personal importance, this being one of the many reasons why Kaori hates it when others worry about her even though she is a serious worrywart herself and will immediately "mother-hen" any person she considers ill or injured or suffering in any way in order to get them to the hospital or another appropriate area to get better. She can adopt a whole different side to her when people she really cares about are injured or in danger.

The Masachika FamilyEdit

The Masachika family is a wealthy and rather influential noble clan located in a province rather far away in relation to the villages currently known in Pokimono. It is a prideful family of pure-blooded Vulpixes and Ninetales who hold their "untainted" bloodline, strength and political power in high esteem. They abhor the concept of marrying and relationships outside of the Vulpix evolutionary line and teach a sense of species pride.

The Masachika family and the Asukai family of the region have, over the centuries, had a constant power shift over which family is the strongest and thus whose head holds the position of Daimyo. Currently, the Masachika have regained the honour although Kaori is unaware of this.

The family is set in the belief that only the strongest Ninetales, in both body and mind, of each generation is fit to become the next head of the family. As such, a mandatory annual contest, of sorts, is held between all of the generation's members over the age of 13 in which the Vulpixes and Ninetales are gauged. The winner, if a Vulpix, given a Fire Stone or, if a Ninetales, viewed as the one most suitable for becoming the next head. However, a lot of all-out-fights, assassination attempts and underhanded trickery go on unofficially. This leads to there usually being many children being born in each generation, to try and improve a branch's chances of becoming the head family. However, this also increases the competition.

For this reason, Kaori knows the move Dig, as her elder brother who has a sister complex was worried about Kaori getting injured and thus gave her the TM, knowing that ground moves would be effective against other Vulpix evolutions and could also help her escape troublesome situations.

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