Basic Information

Name: Faera Inari


Age: 19

Pokemon: Flareon

Job: Healer

Love Interest: Alabaster

Attacks: Wish, Flamethrower


It has been claimed that Faera quite possibly has two personalities. Usually, you find the young Flareon in Ice Bay jumping to help everyone she can with whatever she can. She will stop at nothing to make sure th

e people around her are in good hands and health. Perky and Peppy, Faera is often always doing something related to her work, Be it helping long term patients, from whatever village they may be from, she will walk to that village to see if your doing alright. Or going from village to village gathering wild herbs and berries, and if that isn't enough she'd be inside her house prepping tea blends or medicines for future patients or buyers. This is the Faera you see on a day to day basis. However, talk about 'looks' or 'glamor' even 'competition'. That is when you will meet the Faera, known as her "Diva Forme"

Essentially, Faera's Diva forme is the built up emotions of Drama, gossip, good looks" and over all "Being better then you." The latter, not necessarily being true, This is the rare side of Faera that she herself tries to avoid, because she cannot seem to actually stop herself from being the way she is when in her Diva Forme. As guessed, While in this state, Faera is extremely proud, she is very Vain, especially proud of her tail.


No one is allowed to touch her tail, nobody. Especially while in her Diva Forme, While touching her tail is the only known fixture of canceling this phase. When touching Faera's tail, She becomes extremely, submissive, so to speak. Her face becomes a dark red shade and her ears droop down, followed by her begging you to stop. Her tail is extremely sensitive.


Feara lived with her parents for most of her life, She was born however with her first move being "Wish", all she could do was aid herself when she had ever gotten sick, or hurt. She wasn't much of a fighter, so it was decieded that she'd grow to specialize more so with the power of healing. As she continued on with her trainings, she started to learn how to heal other pokemon as well. Wish being an egg type move passed down from her mother, she decieded once she was 19, To move out and travel to Ice Bay village to presue, teach, and continue to learn about healing. Being in Ice Bay had no effect on her, seeing as flareon can heat up to 1650 degress. However, the young Flareon was cursed with not being able to over dress, doing so would cause Faera to over heat, and burn up. She would get high temperature fevers that normally, she could aid herself with, but sometimes they would be more serious then that. This is why Faera never wears long kimonos that cover her legs or shoulders. During her studies and training, she learnt her first damage based attack,

"Flamethrower" on the side. She hopes to spread the power of "Wish" to the residents of the Ice Bay Village. And settle down and be accepted as one of their own.

Her Job as a Healer

"A young girl whose smile could cure the terminally ill."

Faera's job is to help fund the village with the income she makes as a healer- now, Faera is very talented with healing as, unlike most, it was what she had been doing and studying ever sense she was a young Eevee. She is payed very well, however Faera is rather loose with money- often spending it on more supplies that she needs for work, of course a lot of the cases, Faera gets in trouble for under charging, or not charging at all for her work. Either she feels bad for making the ill pay- or she simply forgets. Faera is often asked for aid, as well as teachings in the art of healing. Currently, Faera is teaching a Clifairy outside of Ice Bay the art of healing.

Kumiko- A Clifairy from Sky Village.

Faera will later, in her life learn "Heal Bell". Which will better help with removing status aliments from her patients.

Faera seems to almost have an obsession with the well being of others- if she cannot find the cure of something, she will make it, on her own if needed.

Faera's Friends

The people who make Faera's life fun and enjoyable~ She enjoys spending time with these people and only has great things to say about them.

Alabaster ~ Leader of Crystal Lake, she met him through Pho, and after a few encounters she grew fonder and fonder of him. She had attended Steel Cave Festival with him, And now happily together<3 A happy couple.

Kaenta ~ An entertaining Infernape she made quick friends with while traveling to Ice bay, The two Traveled together To the Village. She loves his visits and makes things much less boring for her~

Pho ~ The Leader of Ice Bay, an odd duo, often resulting in Pho being his regular pouty self. Of course Faera cares very much for her best friend, and leader Pho!

Chii ~ A sickly umbreon who stumbled upon Faera once in Ice Bay, the two got along nicely and Faera thinks of Chii as not only her personal patient, but one of her best friends.

Chen ~ A cute Espeon she made quick friends with. Faera REALLY adores Chen~ Chen asked Faera to brush her tail.

Shisha ~ A fellow healer she met in Ice Bay, became quick friends. Somehow Shisha always seems to make Faera blush. She even took her first kiss Ahaha xD! Faera's best healer friend~

Echo ~ A sweet drifblim Faera befriended in sky village. The two get along very well.

Kumiko ~ A kind clifairy Faera helped heal, she was suffering with a small burn injury. Faera finds Kumiko very fun to be around. Kumiko is now Faera's apprentice of healing~

Kielnay ~ The cutest sealeo Faera has ever met! Faera often gets blushy with all the kind compliments Kielnay gives her.

Mikazuki ~ The cutest Teddiursa she met! A sweetheart that helped her find herbs for her medicine and took her to the local hotsprings~!

Kyo ~ Pho's funny boyfriend. Kyo never manages to make things uninteresting, and as much of a bully Pho CLAIMS he is, Faera thinks she and him get along just fine!

Aonani ~ A cute Amphros Faera met on her way to crystal lake- They ended up both saving each other a hassle of a trip.

Kronos ~ Another cute Amphros! Faera can't get enough of how adorable he is- She could hug him all day!

Kon ~ A friend Faera met when she was a young Eevee. Recently, Kon came back and now lives in Ice bay~! It makes her happy to be reunited with her great friend!

Fun Facts

  • Red Beans are Faera's favorite, especially in dumplings they are easily her favorite foods.
  • Faera wears the Fire stone, always, However she wears it in many different ways.

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