Chii Hosono

Basic Info

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Pokemon: Umbreon
Job: Artist(Koto Player)
Ability: Synchronize
Attacks: Faint Attack, Helping-Hand


Born and raised in a simple house hold, Chii has always been a very simple minded and kind girl who likes to see the brighter side of things. She has been sheltered by her parents her entire life; she is innocent minded and oblivious to most implied things and situations. She is basically one of the most harmless Umbreon you will ever meet.

She is very polite and often motherly, looking out and worrying for others. She is nice to just about anyone, this being good and also bad when certain types of people are involved. She is almost never angery, its nearly impossible to anger Chii; she is infact usually a bit scared of angery people, not very fond of yelling or being yelled at herself. She is also a bit scared of people who come on too strong; therefore, shying away from them, taking a little while to become comfortable with them. Chii is also deemed naive and empty headed with how oblvious she is to some of the most obvious things; she is even slow with the worst of jokes and harmless teasing, she will often take them seriously and think they are for real. She finds its hard to say "no" when people ask her to do tasks for them; therefore, she does not know how to say "no", as long as she thinks shes being helpful(Shes a huge push-over). She is also easily scared and can be very sensitive and quite the cry-baby if you pull the right strings, but she will easily become calm if you give her a few sweets(She really enjoys sweet things). Its also very easy to please Chii, she finds the simplest of talents to be amazing and shes always happy to spend time with her friends and family; sweets can easily put a smile on her face as well.


Chii was born in a rather small house hold within the Dark Forest. Her mother was a sickly woman and unfortunately Chii was born as a very small child, easily sick just like her mother. Chii's father is a poor farmer who didn't make much due to some terrible luck in his last few years of farming, long ago being tricked into buying seemingly barren farm land that he now struggles to replenish, before she was born, and her mother was a retired Artist who moved to the Dark Forest after marrying Chii's father. Her bad health prevented her from continuing her practice as an Artist, so she devoted the rest of her life to being a wife and a mother. Chii grew up very sheltered by her mother and both of her parents put in much effort to prevent her from ever becoming sick like her mother. Even though they tried, Chii was easily prone to sickness, and unable to go outside at all. She often entertained herself with her mother's old Koto, not being able to run outside and play with other children her age, due to her smaller stature and complicated health, she was a bit scared of other children anyway, so she enjoyed most days being taught to play the Koto by her dear mother. Chii developed a great love for instrumental music as she grew older; the koto was her favorite instrument to play. However, because so much care was put into her well being, her mother ended up coming down with a serious illness and passed away after enduring the worst of it. Chii couldn't help but feel responsible for being the reason her mother grew sick. After her mother's passing, Chii didn't want to be such a burden on her father and took over all of the house hold chores and cooking, but her father knew that kind of life was such a waste for her. Not wanting to tie her down, he sent Chii to live with his sister in Crystal Lake, where she could learn to deal with people and practice playing in front of others in his sister's restaurant. After a few years living with her aunt, her health improved a bit, but even with the improvement she can still get sick rather easily if she doesn't take care of herself properly. Performing and working in her Aunt's restaurant helped Chii build more people skills, and when she turned 18, Chii left Crystal Lake and originally planning to settle down in Fire Field independently. However, she was called to Steel Cave shortly after arriving in Fire Field, by a smaller theater, requested to join their small group of instrumental musicians. Chii accepted the request to join the Steel Cave theater and has been traveling back and forth from Steel Cave to Fire Field's larger theater ever since.

Chii's Friends

Fun Facts

(Sorry guys! I'm re-adding the entire profile because a fail troll decided to show me lots of love~<3)

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