Basic InformationEdit

Age:: 17

Pokemon:: Ampharos

Height:: 5'3" *5'7 with her shoes (4 inch shoes)

Weight:: 105

Job:: Priestess

Love Interest:: Currently None, Reizo when she was younger

Attacks:: Cotten Spore, ThunderPunch


Aonani's a very happy, upbeat girl that doesn't know when to quit. She's the type of girl that has a nice appearance, but if any of her friends are harmed, or injured, then the offender may want to run, because she will snap. She cares deeply for her friends and loved ones, and will be there for them whenever she is needed, often listening to what they have to say, no matter how bad. Sometimes, she even takes the heat of someones anger if it helps them relax. She means well, and because of this, keeps a positive outlook even if her own friends are the ones to lash out at her.

Traveling to the different villages, Aonani often goes to visit her friends, most of the time going to help her friends. She normally does her best to make things better, but is sometimes known for making things a bit worse.

She loves fashion, but does her best to stay out of drama and any other problems involving any of her friends. Being naïve as she is, she often doesn't get half of the things that go on, and doesn't understands when someone insults her, so she normally just laughs it off. When her friends actually explain what’s happened, she sometimes gets mad, but won’t do anything about it, saying that it’s just one persons opinion, so it won’t bother her.

She may not look it, but she’s actually quite smart, though she normally doesn't use her smarts to help her when she needs it. When it comes to surprises, she's very jumpy and normally avoids people scaring her.

Tends to avoid being near water, because she has a habbit of an uncontrolable ThunderPunch, so she tends to shock the people around her...


Aonani was born in the forest, in a small house built be her parents, she grew up by herself because her parents were never home, and when they were, they always had something to do. Since there were no homes around her, Aonani really didn't have many friends growing up (Which explains why she keeps people close to her later in life). She would often leave her house to pick flower and berries that grew arouns her, and mixed them to create different scents, which she normally gave to her mother and father as gifts on the holidays.

As she got older, she wanted to start seeing more of the world, so when her parents werent home, she would sometimes go out for long walks, often not coming home for days at a time. During her "walks" she would normally venture into Crystal Lake and even go to other villages in the world. She loved the other villages, and was often seen in FireFeild with some of her friends. When she would return home, her parents would often scold her for leaving without their permission, but she didn't mind.

During one of her trips into Crystal Lake, she ended up at the local shrine, where she met a very old Priest. He was very kind, and listened to Aonani's stories about her friends in FireFeild and the other villages she had visited. She was very greatful from him to listen, and would come back nearly everyday to see him. When she did, she started learning different things about the shrine, and started helping him whenever she could. At the end of the day, when she was done with the work, she would often say goodbye and go into town for a bit before heading back home.

When she was 15, she talked to her mom about letting her go and live in Crystal Lake on her own. After much convincing, her mother had eventually agreed. She was thrilled and had all of her stuff packed. She had moved into a house in Crystal Lake, not far from the shrine.

During her first year in Crystal Lake, she met a 16 year old boy named Reizo, a young Quilava. The two were close friends for awhile, but eventually, Reizo asked her out. She agreed and the two went out together. They had gone to a Sushi Shop, and the two had a wounderful time. After the date, Aonani and Reizo stayed together for awhile, but one day Reizo had told her that he had to leave the village to see some family in Dark Forest. On his way there, he was killed be a young women, who was very cautious of strangers. Shocked, and devistated, Aonani had kept herself locked in her house for a long time, but she never once thought of revenge against the women. When her friends had come to get her, she was told that Reizo wouldn't have wanted her to do that to herself, so she had started leaving her home again, going to work, and leaving the village to see her friends and family. She made her way to Dark Forest one day where she had encountered the women that killed Reizo. She had promised never to forgive her for what she had done, but she wasn't going to harm her.

When she reutrned to Crystal Lake, her friends were there for her and supported her wish to work as a Priestess, so that people could go to her and be able to speak their mind for any problems they were having in their life, often giving them suggestions on how to handle life if they asked, or they just wanted someone to talk to. She took a vow never to speak of anyones problems, no matter if two fuding loved ones came to her, and used the scents she created as a child to help the villagers relax in their sessions. Once the sessions were said and done, Aonani would usually walk her paitent home if they wished, or if she was busy, gave them something to take with them.

Today she works mainly in Crystal Lakes shrine, but travels to other villages to see her friends and sometimes lets other villagers come to her if they are in need of her help.


Aonani works as a Priestess in Crystal Lake, helping the others around the shrine. She makes incences that she uses to help people relax while they are at the shrine, and allows people to come to talk to her at any point of day, no matter what the subject, she will always be there to listen. She loves listening to people's stories, or listening to peoples problems, always trying to find a way to help them, and making sure those people will be alright in the future.

After the sesons, she normally goes to their house to make sure they are okay and keeps up with their happiness to make sure that they are happy.


All the people Aonani knows or holds dear to her~!

Faera :: An amazing Flareon Aonani met when she was on her way to Ice Bay, the two often call eachother if they need help with something.

Mikazuki :: A sweet teddiursa that Aonani met infront of a shrine. The two get along very well, and Aonani enjoys going to see her.

Kora :: Aonani's sweet friend that she met in FireFeild, she often goes to FireFeild to see her again, and the child~!

Kaito :: They met at the Steel Cave Festival, and the two have been friends ever sence, Aonani loves chatting with him.

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